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Mu Fanart

Another is what this anon here mentioned 3399932 I dont think its such a bad thing though. Advanced Operation video game.

Mu 12 Blazblue Chronophantasma Doom Poster Art Poster

He is also rank one on the super sect most wanted list.

Mu fanart. It is piloted by Amuro Ray. From mastermind Shinji Mikami and the talented team at Tango Gameworks The Evil Within 2 takes the acclaimed franchise to a new level with its unique blend of psychological thrills and true survival horror. 87 votes and 3 comments so far on Reddit.

Esta mu bien sigue asi. This is just fantastic I love the background. Part of it is because series with romance as its main element generally arent as popular as series that dont have romance or have it as a smaller element so those romance heavy series have less people making fanart for it.

145 Votes 325 Score 473. Lin Dong to Ying Huanhuan1 Lin Dong is the main protagonist of Wu Dong Qian Kun. 1 Technology Combat Characteristics 11 Mobile Suit Gundam.

I have walked all of Reincarnation solely to meet youNo matter what no matter how great the cost even if I have to ascend the heavens or descend to the depths of hellI will bring you back. 26m members in the anime community. Advanced Operation 12 Gundam Sentinel 2 Armaments 3 Special Equipment Features 4 History 5.

Against a heavy missile faction giving them say 15k hp will just mean 2-3 more volleys to take out with a decent. It is also briefly mentioned in the Gundam Sentinel photo novel. The YRA-90A μ Gundam Mu Gundam or RX-90 μ Gundam is a mobile suit appearing in the Mobile Suit Gundam.

Reddits premier anime community. Later on according to the Ice Spirit Tribe side story he created. They are already decent vs VC because their 2 biggest weakness speed and missiles are not really an issue in that MU.

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